Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
South Africa
New Zealand

Documents required for Dubai Visa:

  • Scanned colour copy of your pan card
  • Scanned colour copy of the first and last page of your passport
  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months
  • Scanned colour copy of your passport-size photograph taken against a white background
  • Confirmed return air ticket (not mandatory for application)

Documents required for Malaysia Visa:

  • Completed Malaysia visa application form.
  • Original passport.
  • 2 photocopies of the passport bio page.
  • 2 passport size photos (3.5cm X 5cm)
  • Round trip flight tickets (return ticket must be within 30 days of arrival)
  • Bank statement.
  • Invitation letter (if any)
  • Payment of visa fee.

Documents required for Thailand Visa:

  • Passport or travel document with a validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form (filled out)
  • One(1) recent 4x6cm. photograph of the applicant
  • Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)

Proof of financial means (20,000 baht per person/40,000 baht per family)

Documents required for Indonesia Visa:

  • Original passport with a minimum validity of at least 6 months after departure from Indonesia. (Copy of the Passport, 2 copies of first page on a separate sheet, one copy of last page)
  • Two visa application forms back to back print, duly filled and signed in blue pen. The sign on the form should match the sing on the passport.
  • 2 recent coloured passport size photographs not more than 6 months old. [35 mm x 45 mm on white background with 80% face coverage]
  • Foreign exchange worth $ 1000 endorsed on the passport per person is a must or copy of the international credit card.
  • Detailed personal covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Consulate General of Indonesia, Mumbai . The letter should contain the applicant’s address, travel date, single entry visa request and valid contact number.
  • Return ticket with ticket number
  • Hotel booking confirmation as per travel
  • If employed, an original leave letter or NOC (no objection certificate) on the company’s letterhead.

Documents required for Singapore Visa:

  • Original passport and old passports, if any
  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the visa, with a minimum of two blank pages
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • Visa application form duly filled and signed
  • 2 recent passport-size colour photographs taken against a white background with matte-finish (size 35 mm x 45 mm and 80% face close-up)
  • Covering letter mentioning the details of travel, details of the traveller with contact number and expense ownership details
    The letter must be filled and signed with a black pen
  • Original bank statements reflecting transactions of the last 6 months, duly attested and signed by a bank official

Documents required for Sri Lanka Visa:

  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after departure, with a minimum of two blank pages
  • Scanned copy of the first and last page of your passport
  • Confirmed return air tickets

Hotel confirmation details

Documents required for Hong Kong Visa:

  • Passport
  • Visa application formalong with two photographs
  • Business or employment certificate as supporting financial documents
  • Individuals who are travelling on business purposes will have to provide a covering letter from their organization or company along with an invitation letter from the international conference, trade fair or company in Hong Kong
  • Individuals who are travelling for tourism purposes will have to provide the tourism itinerary along with arrangement for accommodation in Hong Kong. They will also have to provide personal details of sponsors or relatives along with their names, telephone numbers and addresses

Documents required for South Africa Visa:

  • A passport or travel document valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of your intended visit
  • Your passport must have at least TWO unused page for entry / departure endorsements
  • A completed Form BI-84 (application for a visa)
  • Payment of the prescribed fee
  • A yellow-fever vaccination certificate (if required)
  • Statement and/or documentation confirming the purpose and duration of your visit
  • Two colour passport photographs
  • A return or onward ticket if you are travelling by air
  • If you have children (minors) travelling with you or joining in South Africa, you will need to provide the following additional documents

– Proof of guardianship or custody or

– Consent from the guardian in the case of an unaccompanied minor

  • Proof of financial means to pay for your living expenses while in South Africa in the form of:

– Bank statements

– Salary advances

– Undertakings by the host(s) in South Africa

– Bursary

– Medical cover or

– Cash available (including credit cards and travellers’ cheques)

Documents required for New Zealand Visa:

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity at the time of arrival in New Zealand and old passport, if any
  • Two recent photographs of 35mm x 45mm, with white background
  • Visa application forms and a covering letter demonstrating the purpose of visit.
  • Round trip itinerary along with air tickets
  • Bank statements of last 6 months and International Credit card copies with statements
  • Employers need to submit job confirmation letter along with salary slips of last three months and original leave letter from organization

Documents required for Ukraine Visa:

  • Valid passport
  • Health Insurance (Up to 30,000 Euro Coverage)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay.
  • Return airline/transit ticket.
  • Accommodation Information (Hotel Booking)
  • Agreement for tourist services (Voucher).

Documents required for Maldives Visa:

  • If a person is travelling to Maldives for the purpose of tourism then he or she needs to apply for a tourist visa. The Maldives government issues a visa on arrival to nationals of all countries which is a valid for a period of 30 days. Foreign tourists can get an extension of another 60 days on request on the tourist visa but the application for the same needs to be submitted at least 2 days before the tourist visa expires. The pre-requisites for getting a visa on arrival are:
    1. The passport should not expire for at least 6 months from the date of the travel.
    2. The visitor should have an air ticket to fly out of Maldives.
    3. The visitor should have enough money for the duration of his or her stay in the country.
    4. The visitor should have proof of his or her stay in the country.

            The documents required for getting an approval for a tourist visa on arrival to Maldives Are:

  • A passport that does not expire for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
  • Two photographs of the applicant may be required.
  • Proof of accommodation in the country.
  • Air tickets to fly out of Maldives.

Documents required for Europe Visa:

Standard applications

  • Original passport and old passports, if any
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 3 months after departure, with at least two blank pages
  • Return air tickets
  • The visa application form, duly filled and signed
  • Recent passport-size colour photograph taken against a white background with matte-finish, size (35mm x 45mm with 80% face close up)
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months or an original ‘official affidavit of support’, duly attested and signed by a bank official
  • Purpose of the visit and duration of travel mentioned in a letter
  • Income tax returns for the past 3 years
  • Appointment letter and reference letter from your employer if you are employed
  • Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years
  • Marriage Certificate – If the passport carries the maiden name
  • Medical insurance policy

Additional documents

If the applicant is employed

  • Salary Slip, etc

If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed

  • Certificate of registration of the company
  • Covering letter on letter head

If the applicant is Student:

  • Original NOC letter from school / college with ID card copy